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Zydrate is my drug of choice

Zydrate! It's what's for dinner

Erzsebet Bathory
29 January 1990
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I'm awesome AND Livejournal is awesome. If you agree you can add me. If you add me I'll always add you back. I do check in on all my friends pages just to see how their life is going even if I don't leave a comment.

I regularly add and delete people. Really the only way you get deleted is if you delete me or you stop updating for such a long period of time that I doubt you ever will again.

If I don't comment for a while don't stress, I also regualrly read everyone of you guyes journals. I just don't always have something to say about what you posted, but if you keep updating I'm sure to leave a comment sooner or later. Just be patient. I'm also currently redoing the profile section of my account which is why I have few or no interests listed.

I try to keep my journal entries interesting for you, but they're mostly just straight forward. If I think something will only be interesting to certain people I'll explain up front what it going to be about and then use an lj cut. For example I post fairly frequently about dreams I had that I think mean something or they just touched me on a personal level. I'll make the lj cut title "Dreams" (or something like that) and if you're the type that is into dream interpretation you may click and read, or if you don't like such things you can elect to read anything else that is in the entry. My feelings won't be hurt either way.

I've started smoking, quit, started again, quit again, etc etc until its a seemingly endless cycle. I drink on occasion, usually not enough to get drunk though, just enough to take the edge off. This is mostly because I hate throwing up, hang overs, and the fact that I'm much more likely to become uncontrollably violent. I'm for gay rights but against abortion.

Don't feel weird about adding me because you don't know me. I never add anyone to my lj that I know in person. I feel it would compromise the integrity of my entries. Let's face it, we all lie to other people around us and we all have secrets and different attitudes around different people. That's why my journal is friends only also. Its where I can write about anything I want without having to worry about "oh what would so-n-so think if I put that." It is just pure honesty.

thunder is love
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rock is love
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